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About Us:

Value based outpatient surgeries and procedures

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care at lower costs
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Pearl Health Partners originated from physician leaders in the Pacific Northwest who recognized a need for high quality health care available at lower costs. The "Pearl Precision" designation provides patients and referring providers with confidence in our surgeons and proceduralists, to represent the high-quality and value inherent to the Pearl mission.

Our physicians are innovators and leaders well known and highly regarded in the community. Our providers also realize certain procedural specialties are complementary across many health issues and provide multi-disciplinary expertise.

The changing landscape of value based care is bolstered by a number of recent innovations. Federal requirements for health systems and providers to publish price transparency have begun to address the issues related to healthcare pricing. We are a part of a number of initiatives, listed to the left, which have also begun to help patients and payers evaluate the comparative value of care in their area. We strive to provide the best quality care at prices that reflect real value to patients and the health care system.

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