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Transform Weight Loss is a weight loss center designed to help our patients and clients achieve and maintain their weight loss goals. Founded by renowned weight loss specialist Peter Billing MD FACS, we offer personalized weight loss services which are clinically supervised, and delivered virtually or in-person. We offer programs for people trying to permanently lose those last 10 pounds or to others who have faced underlying metabolic issues and need to lose significantly more weight.

Each Transform Weight Loss location is state-of-the-art, with a full range of customized weight loss options including supplements, nutritional coaching, support groups, Dexa body composition testing, metabolic testing, diabetes care, medications, physician-directed weight loss plans, and when appropriate, supplementary surgical procedures offered by our renowned bariatric surgeon to enable you to overcome any metabolic challenge. 

The entire team at Transform Weight Loss is dedicated to YOUR long-term success. With this goal in mind, we provide compassionate support which results in what we love best, helping you achieve your goals and a TRANSFORMED LIFE.
Start your weight loss journey today.


Peter Billing MD FACS 

Dr. Peter Billing is the founder of Transform Weight Loss, LLC. He finished his surgical training at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN in 2000. In 2008 in Edmonds, WA, Dr. Billing performed the first worldwide sleeve gastrectomy in their ambulatory surgery center (ASC). Since then, he has done thousands of ASC bariatric procedures. He has authored several peer-reviewed clinical studies on the safety of same day case sleeve gastrectomy. He is a national and international speaker and most recently spoke in Oxford, England at the Bariatric Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society meeting, July 2021. He is also a consultant for Medtronic and Ethicon regarding ambulatory bariatric surgery. He has been an innovator in bariatric surgery and has several firsts to his credit in bariatric surgery. Transform Weight Loss, LLC was founded by Dr. Peter Billing in 2018 to offer clients tools, along with a friendly, experienced team to help people lose weight and live their transformed life.

The most amazing part of his job?
“I am a surgeon and seeing a person’s diabetes gone the very next day with a same-day procedure is truly amazing.”

What would he like you to know about him?
“When I was a surgical resident at the Mayo Clinic, I spent two years researching the treatment of diabetes.  I am so grateful now that many of my patients have resolved their diabetes under my care.”

His biggest reward?
“Seeing people have hope again by giving them sustainable weight loss solutions.”

What would surprise people about you?
“The fact that I have nine children!”

Do you have spare time? And, if so, what do you like to do?
“Read and hike.”

Transform Weight Loss uses lifestyle changes, weekly coaching, medications, biometric and laboratory testing, dietitian counseling and medical provider visits to achieve a sustainable weight loss solution.  We offer comprehensive weight loss services through our retail store and our Transform at Home Telehealth Programs. We have helped hundreds lose the weight and keep it off.

Weight Loss

Our Transform At Home program is customized for you, plus you get access to the medical, nutritional and coaching expertise of our Transform Team!

Transform at Home

Weight Loss

We’ll discuss the spectrum of sustainable solutions to determine which one is right for you, including medical procedures that allow you to finally gain control of your weight.

Biometric Testing

Weight Loss

Being overweight can be a symptom of metabolic disease that requires medical treatment. Dr. Billing is a pioneer in bariatric procedures with 20 years of experience and is recognized both nationally and internationally. 

Gastric Sleeve
Lap Band
Gastric Bypass

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